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Chocolate Trifle Recipe

Print recipe this chocolate trifle is to-die-for good. I get rave reviews every time i make my famous chocolate brownie trifle! chocolate trifle is an absolute go to dessert for me. Why? well, chocolate trifle is delicious, is super easy to whip together, and it looks so impressive! whether you call it a chocolate trifle, a brownie trifle, a chocolate mousse trifle, this baby will knock your socks off by any name! i mean…how do you go wrong with chocolate on chocolate on chocolate on whipped cream? i’m tellin’ ya, this one’s a crowd pleaser!.

Trifle recipes this strawberry and lemon curd trifle consists of layers of buttery pound cake, strawberry sauce, fresh strawberries, lemon curd, and softly whipped cream. More a black forest trifle has the same components as a black forest cake that is, chocolate, cherries, kirsch liqueur, and whipped cream. More a blueberry trifle has layers of pound cake, blueberry sauce, fresh blueberries, a cream.

If i really sit down and think about it, trifles are my favorite dessert. They can be as quick and easy or as “made from scratch” as you want. And there are so many different ways you can make them. I love coming up with new combinations. I came up with this recipe when i was craving a german chocolate  cake but didn’t want to go through the hassle of assembling and decorating a layer cake. I also wasn’t in the mood for a heavy frosting. The chocolate mousse layer in this trifle takes the place of a frosting but doesn’t sit so heavily in your stomach.

If i had to choose one dessert as the most nostalgic for me, that would be this family recipe for english trifle. Every holiday we would travel to my aunt’s house for a huge feast and a dazzling dessert table covered with homemade chocolate cake , lemon and mincemeat tarts, usually a pie of some sort, and of course, english trifle. A trifle is a layered dessert that contains custard, sherry-soaked cake, fruit, jam and whipped cream.

Although i've focused principally on traditional trifles here, having extracted a personal recommendation from nigella herself during her appearance on word of mouth last week, i'm duty bound to try her favourite festive trifle, the chocolate and cherry version in feast. Chocolate loaf cakes spread with cherry jam and soaked in cherry brandy, topped with morello cherries, chocolate custard and double cream. Although i haven't enjoyed chocolate custard since i was at school, i have to admit this recipe is a knockout – like the thickest of hot chocolates, tempered with a fruity, alcoholic hit. I love it – but not quite as much as the subtler vanilla custard and sherry variety.

Recipe by sarah phillips © 2007 sarah phillips craftybaking. Com variations: easy fruit trifle; apples and cream trifle; banana cream trifle; black and orange trifle; black forest trifle; chocolate raspberry trifle; peaches and cream trifle; raspberry lemon trifle; strawberry shortcake trifle; tropical fruit trifle stock photo trifle, a quintessential english dessert. Today, the basic ingredients of a trifle are always the same: sponge cake soaked in sherry and perhaps brandy, covered with raspberry jam and then an egg custard, all topped by whipped cream. The top is traditionally decorated with angelica (a plant stem crystallized with sugar) and glace cherries, but fresh fruit is a modern option. However, opinions on the ingredients vary greatly! trifle is usually served in a large cut glass bowl so that the layers of cake, jam, custard and cream can be appreciated.

I don’t add toppings until just before serving which keeps it fresh and pretty! you can use whipped cream, whipped topping or even shaved white chocolate and fresh cranberries as a topping. I topped this recipe with sugared cranberries and added a little bit of orange peel to make it pretty. Of course this trifle can be made in any bowl, pan or dish but a trifle bowl is my favorite way to layer it. Trifle bowls are inexpensive but allow you to see all of the layers which makes a beautiful presentation. We use our trifle bowl for all kinds of desserts, snacks and even for layered salads so it doesn’t just sit in the cupboard!.

I love to use pound cake, but vanilla cake or angel food cake taste great as well. Store bought whipped cream will work too. More of a chocolate lover? make a brownie strawberry trifle instead! can serve in 6 mini trifle jars or double/triple the recipe and serve in a big trifle dish. To make-ahead: assemble the mini trifles a few hours in advance and store in fridge until ready to serve.

A bowl of this easy no bake neapolitan cheesecake trifle is the perfect dessert for a hot summer day. Easy, no bake, and full of chocolate and strawberry goodness in every bite. Click here to pin this recipe for later! i have hit the time in summer when i do not feel like baking. This doesn’t happen often because i usually always love to bake.

I did this red velvet trifle recipe “on the fly” so wasn’t sure how much or which pudding i’d use until i got into it. My feeling is you can use either white chocolate pudding (what i used) or the cheesecake pudding (which i did not use) i wasn’t sure which i’d put in it and figured both would work so put them both in the photo.

Chocolate raspberry ho ho trifle chocolate peanut butter trifle prep time: 20 minutes total time: 20 minutes this no bake tiramisu trifle is a quick and easy take on a classic tiramisu recipe. 1 box instant vanilla pudding 1 3/4 cup milk 4 ounces marscapone cheese.

Chocolate Trifle Recipe Ingredients

Trifle, in english cuisine , is a dessert made with fruit , a thin layer of sponge fingers soaked in sherry or another fortified wine , and custard. It can be topped with whipped cream. The fruit and sponge layers may be suspended in fruit-flavoured jelly , and these ingredients are usually arranged to produce three or four layers. The contents of a trifle are highly variable; many varieties exist, some forgoing fruit entirely and instead using other ingredients, such as chocolate , coffee or vanilla.

This strawberry trifle recipe has 3 layers of 3 ingredients, so 9 layers total. (pound cake layer, pudding layer, fruit layer, then repeat the layers 2 more times. )the good news is, trifle recipes are super flexible. Depending on the serving dish, you could do one set of three layers (like a banana pudding would be) or 2 sets of three, 3 sets of three, etc. Whatever works for you. The taste will be the same, but the presentation will look different.

Italian cream cake trifle my oh my! what a fantastic dessert! this italian cream cake trifle is the trifle of all trifles! sally has created this trifle based on her lovely italian cream cake recipe. Her family and friends absolutely love the cake so sally decided she would make a italian cream cake trifle using the cake ingredients. It was a sure hit! sally made 2 trifles to take along to a gathering and they were devoured in no time. Everyone was asking for her recipe and said it was like nothing else they had tried before!.

Lemon pound cake: i use and recommend my lemon pound cake recipe. You can prepare the cake a day or 2 in advance. Since there are other homemade components to the recipe, feel free to use store-bought pound cake or even angel food cake. Lemon cheesecake layer: the lemon cheesecake layer is the star of the show. It’s light, fluffy, and a pleasing balance of sweet and tart. It’s prepared with cream cheese, lemon curd , vanilla extract, and homemade whipped cream. I strongly suggest using homemade lemon curd and homemade whipped cream in this lemon berry trifle. Both taste considerably more appetizing than their store-bought counterparts. Homemade lemon curd can be prepared up to a week in advance and the whipped cream is only 3 basic ingredients!.

It’s no secret i love baking and most often, i choose to bake completely from scratch. It’s a passion in me that was born from the sheer joy of taking simple ingredients from my pantry and turning them into something amazing, just like my southern momma did and her mother before her. It’s sort of a long held family tradition. However, i also know there are moments that it’s completely fine to take advantage of convenience items to make life a little easier. I made this birthday cake trifle using my from scratch old fashioned butter cake recipe. That said, i’ve also prepared this trifle using a cake mix for the cake layers and i must say, it’s pretty fantastic either way.

Classic trifle made with fresh berries, sponge cake and custard. This oh-so-delicious no bake dessert easily serves a crowd and takes only minutes to make. Classic trifle 💕 is it even christmas without trifle? this is my tried and true recipe for a delicious summer berry trifle that’s made using store bought ingredients. It comes together in just minutes making it perfect for easy entertaining.

This pound cake trifle is an easy, impressive dessert that takes less than 30 minutes to prep and assemble. Layers of pound cake, lemon curd soaked berries, lemon cheesecake mousse, and whipped topping combine to make a dessert for any occasion. Want to make your pound cake from scratch? my classic pound cake recipe works great in this trifle! only 4 ingredients!.

The ingredients i used in my christmas trifle are pretty traditional, though the alcohol can vary and many recipes use a custard or pudding instead of creme anglaise. Dorie greenspan has used melted vanilla ice cream in place of creme anglaise, which gives you an idea of the consistency of the sauce. Bird’s custard is frequently used in britain, and in the states, boxed pudding mixes are also options. Pro-tip: look in the international aisle for bird’s as it’s a great shortcut.

Tip: view this recipe on our blog combine first 3 ingredients; stir to blend. Pour batter into a greased 9 x 5 loaf pan; bake as directed on the package. Cool completely; cube. Combine pudding and milk, whisk 2 minutes; fold in whipped topping. Layer cake cubes, pudding mixture and berries in a clear glass bowl or individual trifle bowls. Cover; chill 1 hour. Garnish with additional berries. Serves 10-12.

Quick & easy strawberry trifle recipe is a delicious dessert layered with fresh strawberries, angel food cake and cream cheese whipped cream! elegant trifle dessert that’s made in minutes with very simple ingredients. This is sarah with feeding your fam and i am excited to share this delicious recipe for a simple strawberry trifle. We are coming up on the summer season when family and friends gather in the yard for bbqs and tasty treats!! strawberry trifle is the perfect recipe for potlucks. Fresh and delicious ingredients bring out the tastes of summer and good times!!.

Layering The Trifle

You can make the cake days in advance and store it tightly covered in the freezer. Defrost it in the fridge before cutting it into cubes. Once you layer the cake with the berries and whipped cream no one will know the cake wasn’t freshly baked. It’ll be our little secret. Wash your berries a few hours (up to a day) before assembling the trifle. Make sure they are completely dry before layering.

Layer by layer. You can start with the berries or whipped cream, and then in between those layers always add a thin layer of angel food cake. Also, a tip to keep the trifle dessert looking pretty for your party we recommend using a slotted spoon when scooping up the berries layering it on. Using the slotted spoon will slow the darker fruit sauce from bleeding into the lighter layers.

Spruce up a carrot cake mix by layering it with walnuts and a homemade cream cheese mixture. This carrot cake trifle dessert is simple, but amazing! i am all for light, whippy-creamy desserts. I feel like i can eat more of it and not feel so full if a dessert is “fluffy”. Although i’m sure if i ate as much as i really wanted, i’d feel very squeamish afterward. I have been known to do this a few times. A good example is the olive garden. No matter how hard i try to be good, i always have way too much food in front of me, and everything is so good i end up eating more than i should. Anybody want to admit they’ve ever been there?.

Prepare pudding or custard according to directions and let cool. Mix the fruit with the sherry. Cut the cake into 1" chunks and place 1/2 of the chunks in the bottom of a trifle bowl. Layer 1/2 of the fruit on top of the cake layer and top with 1/2 the pudding. Repeat layering. Top with whipped cream and garnish with fresh fruit.

Prepare cake according to package directions. Pour into a 9 x 13-inch pan. Cool thoroughly. Pierce holes over the entire top of the cake with a fork. Pour coffee liqueur over the cake, allowing it to soak in. Cover with plastic wrap and refrigerate at least 3 hours. In a glass trifle bowl, layer ingredients beginning with a one-inch layer of cake, 1/4 of the fudge sauce, 1 candy bar, and 1/4 of the whipped cream. Repeat layering 2 more times ending with candy bar and fudge sauce. Refrigerate until ready to serve. Left over cake can be frozen.

From tastes of lizzy t :: click here for the recipe. Spruce up a carrot cake mix by layering it with walnuts and a homemade cream cheese mixture. This carrot cake trifle dessert is simple, but amazing!.

If using liqueur sprinkle over cake cubes before layering the trifle. Mix confectioners sugar and cream cheese. Beat until well blended. Reserve 2 tablespoons of cool whip and fold remainder into creamed mixture. In a trifle dish make two or three layers of cake cubes, creamed mixture and cherry pie filling. Garnish with reserved whipped cream. Chill for 3 hours before serving and enjoy within 1-2 days for maximum quality.

The Perfect Chocolate Trifle

Rich moist chocolate cake, covered with raspberry jam, whipped topping and hot fudge – the perfect valentine’s day dessert! this chocolate raspberry trifle is super easy to make yet it looks impressive! enjoying a nice dinner at a restaurant for valentine’s day with your sweetheart is always special. But for us, it’s just as special to make our favorite dinner at home. And of course, we can’t forget dessert, especially a chocolate dessert, and this chocolate raspberry trifle makes the perfect valentine’s day treat !.

We were looking for a festive shenanigan that would be a perfect fit for a new year’s party. After looking for a while, kristen remembered that every year her aunt kathy makes an awesome kahlua chocolate trifle. We thought this would be a perfect new year’s eve dess ert to ring in the new year. If you aren’t familiar with trifles, they are layered cakes, that look very impressive and taste amazing! this kahlua chocolate trifle is one of the easiest and most loved shenanigans that we have done so far. Be careful, because if you make this once you will be asked to make it every time!.

A trifle is an easy layered dessert. There is usually a cake of some type…. Either pound cake, angel food cake or a traditional cake. In between the cake layers you can have pudding, whipped cream, candy, fruit…. The possibilities are really endless! growing up my mom always made us delicious trifles like this blueberry trifle and chocolate raspberry trifle. So i decided that a lemon trifle would be the perfect thing to celebrate the daffodils blooming and the beginning of spring.

What is a trifle?

It’s time for the fun part of making the trifle. In a glass trifle bowl or any deep dish bowl, start with a layer of the cake squares. I used half of the cake for the first layer than the rest for the second layer. The next layer will be a layer of the chocolate instant pudding. I used half of the pudding for this layer and then the other half will be used for the next pudding layer.

This is a sponsored conversation written by me on behalf of sara lee. The opinions and text are all mine. #uniquelyyours a turtle pound cake trifle that you can whip up in minutes, and will be the star of the show at any party or gathering. I recently held a girl’s night at my house. I invited some friends, and prepared a variety of foods. But did not make any dessert. I just got too busy. Big mistake. A house full of ladies and no chocolate to speak of? what!!.

What could be more enamoring than bringing in the new year than this “better than sex” trifle dessert?  and don’t you forget the champagne!  we’re celebrating 2020 in a big way! of course, this dessert has a double dubious message, if ya get my drift, so feel free to substitute the word ‘sex’ for any noun you wish, if you want to keep it pg rated. That way it’s not an awkward session, when someone asks what it’s called and you can be also prepared in advance. 😉.

Gather the ingredients. The spruce line the bottom of the trifle bowl or glasses with the cake slices or trifle sponges. Sprinkle with the sherry and leave to soak for 5 minutes. The spruce if using fresh strawberries , slice thickly (reserve a few for decoration), if using previously frozen, leave whole. Lay the fruit evenly over the cake. Press down lightly with a fork to release the juices.

I altered this a bit. Made two servings in wine glasses instead of an entire dessert. Left out almonds and almond extract. Dipped lady fingers in chambord. Was amazingly amazing. I can't wait to make a full trifle for my family. Ktowngirl from canada / made it as the recipe stated. It was easy. Everyone at the christmas party raved about it.

Elegant doesn’t have to take a lot of time! this white chocolate raspberry trifle has layers of cake, pudding and raspberry cream. Not only is it gorgeous, but it comes together quickly and serves a crowd. If there is one dessert that i love to bring to a party, it is a trifle. Cake, pudding and whipped cream are all very ordinary on their own, but layer them together with fruit or chocolate and it always brings smiles.

I was in charge of the desserts at a friend’s pool party a few weeks ago and my mom made a request for a black forest trifle. I knew i was already making my favorite reese’s peanut butter cup cookies , so chocolate and cherry would be an a nice alternative. I love trifles because they are so easy to toss together and always look impressive anyways. Like my absolute favorite mama’s best banana pudding — looks super impressive but is easy and crazy delicious. Or my other fall favorite pumpkin spice cheesecake trifle.

Shares2. 3k blueberry strawberry trifle recipe – this classic trifle recipe is layered with vanilla cake, whipped cream, vanilla pudding and fresh blueberries and strawberries for a delicious, crowd-favorite dessert. There are few desserts that are as perfect for serving crowds during warmer weather than this easy blueberry strawberry trifle recipe. It is most definitely one of my family’s favorites.

Everyone has their version of this dessert, and this actually comes from my sister, it’s one of her family’s favorite desserts! and it’s so easy to make ahead it’s great for when you’ll be having lots of company over, or going to a party and bringing a treat. Rather than just make cake this trifles layers all the goopy goodness and ends up so moist and delicious. My sisters version just uses cool whip, but i like making my own whipped cream. But you want to be able to make it a day ahead and not totally dissolve, so stabilized whipped cream!.

This fruity and delicious very berry vanilla cake trifle is the perfect dessert for summer! your family and friends will love the colorful layers.

These better than anything cake trifles are an ultra decadent dessert made to feed a crowd, or just a few hungry people. This cake has been called a lot of things… better than sex cake, better than robert redford cake, better than justin bieber cake… ok, i made that last one up. It’s also been called better than anything cake by the more prude crowd, and since i’m a family-friendly blog, i’m just going to go with that. 😉.

Can you make a trifle ahead of time?

Without pudding, this trifle is just a riff on strawberry shortcake, which, while still delicious, isn’t what we are after. Every time i make vanilla pudding i remember how simply stunning it is in flavor and texture; it truly beats the pants off powdered mix. Here’s what you need to know about making pudding at home.

Trifles are my go-to dessert any time of year and essential for summer entertaining. I love everything about them. Layer after beautiful layer of flavor, no bake, incredibly versatile, and gorgeous to look at. Without exception, every trifle i have prepared has been the hit of the party. Lots of oohs and aahs from guests marveling over each and every layer.

Yes, absolutely! trifle has to be the best dessert to make ahead of time. The cake has an opportunity to soak up all those amazing flavors, and i think it actually gets better when it has a chance to sit and hang out. You can make this trifle up to 3 days in advance. Store covered in the fridge. If you make this in advance, i would suggest leaving the final layer of berries off until right before you serve it to avoid the juices bleeding.

When my husband and i got married we wanted to host a holiday family gathering each year and we decided on fourth of july. It’s one of my favorite holidays because of the bbq’s, fireworks, parades and of course the celebration of our independence in this country. Every year we have a bbq at our house with all our favorite food. My grandfather requests this angel food cake berry trifle dessert every year and it’s just become a natural must-have for the picnic table this time of year.

By chelsweets i don’t want to spend hours in my hot kitchen as the summer heat really starts to set in. That’s where trifles come in…or more specifically this berry trifle. We just got back from our mini-moon in miami and key west, and i wanted to whip up something quick and easy for the fourth of july. To say i’ve been having a hard time getting back in the swing of things would be an understatement.

If you just aren’t a fan of buying cake mixes, go ahead and make this easy recipe. It might save you a little money, but i like the mix because everything is ready to go! it’s up to you, and also depends on how much time you want to use making the carrot cake trifle.

By liz dellacroce lemon-scented berries are scattered in between layers of angel food cake and creamy, vanilla pudding to create a crowd-pleasing trifle that is perfect for entertaining. Just in time for spring entertaining, i am so excited to share my lemon berry angel food cake trifle. It was created on a whim when my mom asked me to bring dessert to a family dinner. To be completely honest, i just opened my pantry and tried to figure out what i could throw together with what i had on hand.

One of the reasons trifles are so great for entertaining is because the individual components can be prepared ahead of time. Bake the cake a few days ahead of time… heck, even a few months, and store it in the freezer! or better yet, trifle is the best use for a cake that accidentally breaks when you turn it out. Baking a layer cake and one of your layers sticks?  don’t despair and trash it. Let the cake cool, cut it into cubes, and store it in a bag in the freezer. Pull it out whenever the mood for trifle hits!.

Moist ginger-spiced mixed berry cake layered with sweet whipped cream, fresh raspberries, and crunchy almonds for a family-favorite dessert trifle! so easy to put together once cake is out of the oven, trifle is ready no time! oh, and the best part! you can assemble trifle a day in advance and keep refrigerated until your family is ready for a sweet treat. :).

One of the easiest desserts with the biggest “wow” factor! angel food cake fruit trifle with layers of vanilla pudding, fresh whipped cream, fruit, and soft angel food cake. My mom has been in town for the past few days to help me and the kids. She helped me find time to nap, played with my kids endlessly, and helped me whip together several new amazing recipes to share with you all.

Photo by alexandra grablewski (chronicle books, 2018) berry trifles make wonderful (and patriotic) summer party desserts. Not only are they gorgeous, they feed a crowd and can be made in advance. The only drawback is that, with all their layers, they can be time-consuming to make from scratch. I save time by using store-bought savoiardi biscuits (a. K. A. Crisp ladyfingers), cream cheese, and raspberry jam. The result is a dazzling, delicious berry trifle that can be made in 30 minutes.

All American Trifle

This pina colada cake trifle is perfect to make and serve at summer picnics and barbecues. Layers of cake, fruit, and no bake cheesecake makes a dessert that will wow everyone. *i am excited to be partnering with the american dairy association, mideast this year to bring you some dairy recipes. I have officially gone a trifle crazy.

I love trifle!! we're english ex-patriots living in the states and we always love a good trifle when christmas or another big occasion rolls around. It was always my job since i was a little girl to do the trifle and layer everything in order. This recipe is an interesting  and tasty-looking american take (i didn't think that trifle was big in the states), but for those looking to make this just a little bit more english/traditional just make the following simple swaps:.

Strawberry White Chocolate Trifle

This easy strawberry blueberry trifle recipe is great for memorial day or 4th of july! leave off the chocolate stars and you have a fun dessert to pack in a picnic or take to a potluck! trifles are one of my favorite desserts to make and serve – actually i think they might just be my favorite. The flavor combinations are endless. In addition to the fruit in this strawberry blueberry trifle recipe there is white cake, and pudding mixed with whipped topping. And for even more fun, sprinkles and red chocolate stars that are so fun for memorial day or 4th of july celebrations.

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For christmas as part of a sponsored post for collective bias,  i made this easy and delicious holiday recipe called kahlua & cream trifle with ingredients found at price chopper supermarkets including betty crocker cake mix. One of the best things about the christmas season is the holiday recipes. And while a prime rib or turkey might be the main course at christmas dinner, let's be honest; it's the desserts that steal the show. At parties and family functions, a nice spread of holiday-themed deserts is a glorious sight. This kahlua and cream trifle is a super easy, delicious recipe that is sure to get attention and rave reviews. It is chocolatey and creamy with hints of kalhua and a bit of strawberry.

The cake pieces are often soaked with liquor like sweet sherry, port, madeira or whiskey, but i love sprinkling in a liqueur like chambord, amaretto or grand marnier for a less boozy taste. In this recipe, the amaretto was added to the berries to keep the cake nice and white. Jam is often an ingredient in a classic english trifle, but i did not use any in this strawberry cheesecake trifle. It is spread on the cake pieces for another delicious element.

Angel Fruit Trifle

1. Chop your angel food cake into 1″ cubes and place 1/3 of them into the bottom of your trifle bowl. 2. Add 1/3 of your cream and spread around somewhat evenly (it doesn’t have to be perfect!) 3. Add 1/4 of your fresh/frozen fruit. I thought it looked pretty to put the strawberries around around on the walls of the bowl, but you can do it any way you want to.

this post may contain affiliate links. Please read my privacy policy. This triple berry trifle recipe is so good! a light dessert filled with layers of angel food, pudding & fresh berries, i could eat the entire thing on my own. One of my favorite trifle recipes!.

A trifle dessert is a layered dessert often made with angel food cake and layered with berries, and a creamy, custardy filling some trifles are made with pound cake, cake, or brownies. Berry trifles and strawberry trifles are popular trifles, but as i said before, a trifle can be made in any flavor!.

Stunning and simple to make, this easy blueberry cheesecake trifle is a spectacular edible centerpiece to add to your trifle collection. It’s made with layers of angel food cake, cheesecake and blueberry pie filling that together are certain to make this layered beauty the showpiece of your dessert table.

This easy no-bake, make-ahead strawberry trifle with angel food cake made with fresh, luscious strawberries, heavenly, billowy whipped cream and light as a cloud angel food cake has to be one of the easiest desserts you will ever prepare! if you are looking for the perfect easter or another holiday dessert, you are in the right place. Strawberry trifle with angel food cake is light, it’s refreshing, it’s elegant, and it’s delicious!.

Cleaning up a dropped Trifle Cake

Every baked an incredible cake only to have one of your guests drop their cake into your white carpet?  I hope not, but I have.  At first, I was furious and angry.  But now I dont like people dropping food in my house, but I call an affordable carpet cleaning professional.  They bring out their commercial grade cleaning equipment and easily remove the stain from the cake.  This is why I suggest you call East Valley Carpet Cleaners Chandler Az for all your carpet cleaning needs.  They are professional, fast, and affordable.  What a trippe threat.  Kind of like Trifle cake.